Custom-Made Vehicle Stickers

Hi, I am Russel Mittendorf. I have been selling custom-made vehicle stickers since 2003. I have created some of the most unique and cool stickers that can’t be found anywhere else. I want to help you in conveying your ideas in the best way possible. I have designed a wide range of vehicle stickers.

Rad Stickers

Essential Stickers

I design a variety of stickers like 

  • Construction stickers
  • Union stickers
  • Safety stickers
  • Bumper stickers
  • Nuke workers stickers
  • General stickers
  • Operator stickers

Rad Stickers

Carpentry Expert

I have worked in the trades for many years as a carpenter. My co-workers are my inspiration for some of my crazy vehicle stickers. I use American materials to create these innovative stickers.

Rad Stickers

Friendly Services

If you ever have an issue, call me, and I will make sure that any problems are resolved to your satisfaction. I am proud of the work produced and strive to be that reliable company you call on to create your vehicle stickers.